Seeing you loosing is such a trauma to the Heart and to the brain,

I know totally that you can beat him and I know really that WWE screwed you up

your ultimate achievement is over in such a silly and disgraceful way

Why ?!! that what’s killing me because I don’t have an answer

over 15 years I’ve been a fan and forever I will be.
I’ve cheered, cried and celebrated every single match you’ve ever had for +2 decades and it’s stabbing my soul that my one and only sport entertainment hero was treated like that

You will forever stay my HERO, you’ll never die Undertaker

I’m sorry I feel breathless

please spread the word, spread the heartache.

6th April 2014.



Ahi vamos otra vez, mi capacidad de enamorarme a lo tonto y yo.
D.H. (via tratodeescribirenlaoscuridad)
Me gustan las personas que sueñan o hablan para sí mismas de manera interminable; me gustan, porque son dobles. Están aquí y en otra parte.
Albert Camus (The Fall)

Sooner or later, we run.

Los que sueñan de día son conscientes de muchas cosas que escapan a los que sueñan sólo de noche.
Allan Poe. (via accionpoeticalatina)